Lito Rodriguez

FULL NAME: Lito Rodriguez

BIRTHDAY: February 2

HOMETOWN: Fort Worth, TX

FACEBOOK: /lito7274

Lito has been playing guitar for over 30 years. He took a long break from playing in bands, from 1995 until joining his first band back from hiatus in 2015. Since then he has continued to master his performance skills and more recently started to sing lead vocals. Before forming Lito and the Blackbirds, he had never sung in a band. His focus was always the guitar parts. After the search for a lead vocalist came to a dead spot it was suggested that he try to sing. Although he has many more years of learning the craft of singing the band is already prepared to bring the sound that they aim at in a live setting. Lito is a grant writer for non-profit organizations during the day and a devoted hard-rocker by night. He doesn't play in other bands at the moment and dedicates his time with music to making this ensemble the best it can be.