Thomas Blasucci

FULL NAME: Thomas Blasucci


HOMETOWN: Fort Worth, TX

Thomas was born in Provo, Utah, raised in Los Angeles, California and has made Fort Worth his home for the past 9 years. The diversity of places where he has lived have shaped his style and tastes for music. Along with Lito and the Blackbirds, Thomas is also a member of the local ‘80s cover band, Betamax. He comes from a family of musicians and artists that have influenced him for the past 20 years as a live performer. Most prominently, Thomas was raised on Classic Rock. His father played lead guitar for Bobby Kimball (Toto) and regularly had weekly gigs with various classic rock bands in Los Angeles. He tagged along on weeknights and weekends when his father’s solo project opened for groups like Rod Stewart, America, and Michael McDonald. His motivation to join Lito and the Blackbirds is to play classic rock because it allows him to play the songs his father taught him when he was growing up.